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All over the world there are traditional cultures rooted in each country and region.

Those that have stayed with us to this day are the ones that have long been loved. They are valuable cultures that have been indispensible to people for generations. In other words, they are the “assets of humanity”.


GENUINE JAPAN is a special program where you can experience the most authentic presentation of the traditional cultures rooted in Japan. You will learn about the ways Japanese traditional culture influenced daily life, marital arts, artistic accomplishments and etiquette in a comprehensive format from the highest authorities.


One objective in establishing this program is to nurture true, international, next-generation leaders who will embody the virtues of Japanese traditional culture. Another objective is to provide opportunities for visitors from around the globe to experience the most genuine presentation of this traditional culture.


This comprehensive, special program could only be planned by Ogasawara Kiyomoto, a man from a family of honorable status and distinguished historical background, who is equipped with extensive and thorough knowledge of Japanese traditional culture, and is the 32nd Generation Heir to the Grand Master of the Ogasawara-ryū (The School of Etiquette, Archery and Mounted Archery).


Central to the GENUINE JAPAN philosophy is the belief that the most genuine form of Japanese traditional culture, which has been carried forward by the most distinguished authorities for generations, should be steadily passed down to posterity and shared internationally. We believe this will lead to more cultural exchange, development and mutual understanding between Japan and the world.

一般社団法人日本文化継承者協会|Japanese Culture Successors' Association

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Chairman of the General Incorporated Association: Culture Successors' Association


32nd Generation Heir to the Ogasawara-ryū School of Etiquette, Archery and Mounted Archery

Born: Setagaya ward, Tokyo, 1980; the first son of Ogasawara Kiyotada At the age of three, Kiyomoto began training for mounted archery. While in 5th grade at elementary school, he performed his first archer role in the Yabusame ritual dedicated to Tsurugaoka Hachimangū Shrine in Kamakura.


After graduating from Osaka University School of Engineering Science, he obtained his Ph.D. in neuroscience from Tsukuba University. In keeping with the Ogasawara family discipline, “One should not make a living out of teaching Kyū-hō (Etiquette, Archery and Mounted Archery),” he currently works at a pharmaceutical company studying medicines for the treatment of cancer while using weekends to pass on the inherited teachings of Ogasawara-ryū to the next generation.

Annually, he performs rituals dedicated to more than 45 shrines throughout Japan.

He also performs his services as manager for the Japanese archery team at the Japan Women’s College of Physical Education. In order to promote the outreach activities of Ogasawara-ryū, in 2008 he established the Non-Profit Organization Ogasawara-ryū Ogasawara-school, and became the organization’s first chairperson. He is in charge of planning and presenting etiquette classes catered for children and active learning opportunities to experience the Ogasawara-ryū. He is also active in providing seminars for schools and municipalities.


In his endeavor to disseminate Japanese culture to the world, he has worked outside the Ogasawara-ryū collaborating with 11 other families who have also inherited the role of teaching the Japanese traditional arts. Together, they held an exhibition of Japanese traditional cultures at the main store of Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi.


He was also in charge of publishing the following books in English:


About the Ogasawara-ryū,

Ogasawara-ryū Etiquette for Washoku, the Cuisine of Japan

-The Etiquette of the Samurai-,

Ogasawara-ryū Arts,

DVD Ogasawara-ryū Reihō, Conduct of the Samurai.


He has authored several works in Japanese including,

How to Build a Tireless Body:Pracitical,Efficient and Beautiful Japanese Physical Etiquettte(Aspect,Inc)

and Graceful Manners for Sophisticated Adults-Thw Ogasawara Way-(Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing).


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